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Testosterone Cypionate

A testosterone-based steroid, Testosterone Cypionate, is largely used for hormone therapy in men. Typically, it is recommended for men who have under-developed secondary male characteristics. It could also be used to treat some of the infertility problems in men, caused due to the lack of testosterone. Some of the benefits of using Testosterone Cypionate include the increase in the production of red blood cells, eventually treating low cell count and anemia. The substance also promotes the retention of nitrogen in the body, leading to enhanced protein synthesis.

The consumption of Testosterone Cypionate will add to the level of IGF-1 that leads to the development of high-quality muscles. In addition, it can be used to promote the healing of scars, activate the satellite cells as well as repair the broken muscles. If there is a lot of fat in the body, Testosterone Cypionate can be used to lessen the fat and avoid muscle wasting. As far as the bodybuilders are concerned, it can add to the existing aggression, giving them the required boost before any match.


The Testosterone Cypionate can be injected for intramuscular purposes only. Obviously, the dosage largely depends on the age, sex as well as the condition of any individual. The doses can be modified in accordance to the patient’s reactions and responses. In the hypogonadal male, the dosage for replacement is from 50mg to 400 mg, to be given every 2-4 weeks.

Side effects

When it comes to the side effects, Testosterone Cypionate works the same way as the other steroid based substances. While there are some short-term effects, there are a few long-term side effects, which cannot be ruled out. Hair loss and acne are some of the basic side effects whereas gynecomastia is a serious side effect. Extensive use of this substance can lead to the development of estrogen in the body, enhancing the female characteristics in males.