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Buy Winstrol online in the UK

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This oral Anabolic Steroid is available in 2 forms, namely injectable and oral. The oral form is by far the most popular choice as Winstrol injections can be quite painful, however since the injectable version contains the exact same product it can also be taken orally, what most users do is use a syringe to suck up the correct dosage and then drink it with a glass of orange juice to help mask the awful taste. This Steroid is known to Build muscle size and strength, it is not as powerful as Dianabol but at the same time it has less side effects. Because Winstrol is a low androgenic Steroid it is also quite a popular choice amongst female athletes and bodybuilders as they don’t need to worry as much about some side effects such as deepening of the voice that Steroids can have on females


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Winstrol causes no water retention, for this reason it is a very popular choice for cutting cycles. Often combined with injectables such as Equipoise, Testosterone Propionate and Trenbolone. Winstrol is used for the first 4 to 6 weeks of the cycle at a dosage of about 50mg daily. If a fast acting form of the injectable Steroid is being used such as Testosterone Propionate it is usually used for about 8 weeks. If you are on a cutting cycle and the plan is to drop body fat, you need to diet correctly, many people think the Steroids will do all the work, this is not true, Steroids don’t burn fat, they help you maintain as well as build more muscle while on a calorie restricted diet. Once the Winstrol cycle is finished it is vital that a correct PCT protocol is followed to bring natural Testosterone levels back up to normal.

Side Effects

Stanozolol is a mild Steroid and does not have many side effects, for this reason a lot of new users to Steroids choose Stanozolol as their first Steroid. Some sensitive users may experience side effects such as Acne, high blood pressure and aggression. Although it’s rare with Winstrol, all the side effects related to Steroids can still occur with Winstrol.

Buy winstrol online uk

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Winstrol can be purchased through dealers or online. You can expect to pay about $80 for a month’s supply of Winstrol, some please are cheaper and others cost more, it all depends on the quality of the brand. Before you decide to buy Winstrol, make sure you are buying a quality product. Dont ever buy Winstrol before doing your research.