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Clen cycle dosage

The athletes are establishing the cycles together with their trainers and physicians depending on what they want to achieve when taking it – it’s a different cycle if they just want to lose weight, or a different one if they want to increase their muscle mass, and so on; also, the cycles are established depending on the physical characteristics of the in-takers, such as age, sex, weight, height, resistance to the side effects and so on. Some of the side effects that might appear are muscle cramps, dizziness, nausea, headaches, exudation, trembling hands, etc. But these are not to worry people as no serious cases were ever reported concerning the side effects; moreover, there is no pill on earth, no matter how harmless people think it is (take aspirin, for example), that does not have side-effects.

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How long can clenbuterol used safely for?

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There seems to be a lot of confusion and conflicting reports on the Net about how long clenbuterol can be sed safely for. Here we aim to clear up the confusion and give a definitive answer regarding clenbuterol cycle lengths and procedures.

When used on it's own, or with Cytomel T4, as part of a Fat Busting Combo, clenbuterol hydrochloride can be used for upto 3 weeks at a time. After which, you will need to take a break for 3 weeks.

Used this way, there is no maximum period of time that you continue using clenbuterol. Many athletes use clenbuterol year on year, while users taking clenbuterol tend to use it only until they reach the weight loss goals.

Clenbuterol has to be used in this way because clenbuterol works directly on the body's Beta 2 receptors (these control things like our heart rate, protein synthesis etc) and after some time, clenbuterol can wear these down and result in the clenbuterol being ineffective.

After a 3 week break, the androgen receptors have had time to repair themselves and return to normal activity. Then you are able to start another clenbuterol cycle.

When clenbuterol is first taken, it can be a slight shock to the system, so it is very important that you start on a low dosage and then build up your dose through you cycle, tapering off (lowering your dose) towards the end of your clenbuterol cycle. For more information see our Clenbuterol Doses page where you will find a handy dosage table to help point you in the right direction.

Cycling Clenbuterol

Take Clenbuteol and T3 in two divided doses during the day.

Take the most clenbuterol pills (2-3 tabs) 1h before workout!

Note: It is not recommended that the daily dose be taken all at once it very dangerous!

Clenbuterol cycles and dosages
120 mcg / ED
240 mcg / ED
560 mcg / ED
680 mcg / ED
940 mcg / ED
1020 mcg / ED

Clen Cytomel Cycle and dosage

Clen used with Cytomel T3; it is also said that this combination was Hollywood's stars secret weapon. What is Cytomel T3? It is a hormone of the thyroidal glandes, actually a very powerful one, so one should first check with the specialist or trainer, before deciding to go for the combo. There are lots of useful professional pieces of information and advice about Clenbuterol+Cytomel T3 one should read, as there are possibilities to ask questions and of course, be answered the same questions by specialists.

Clen + T3 cycle
120 mcg / ED25 mcg / ED
240 mcg / ED25 mcg / ED
360 mcg / ED25 mcg / ED
680 mcg / ED25 mcg / ED
760 mcg / ED25 mcg / ED
840 mcg / ED25 mcg / ED
920 mcg / ED25 mcg / ED

How to avoid the cycle of losing and gaining weight

It’s all about you. It’s all about you looking good, thin, slim, in good shape and in good health.

It’s all about Clenbuterol, then.

Clenbuterol was first used in treating Bronchitis and Asthma – being a broncho-dilator it was great when treating respiratory disorders, because it had the effect of opening and clearing the respiratory ways, as well as relaxing the muscles in the same time. When the respiratory ways are cleaned and wide open, more air will pass into the lungs, so that the heart pumps more blood into the body, the blood pressure raises, the blood flow increases, and a thermogenic effect occurs.

This is important because it will burn the fats within the body and it will make people that use Clenbuterol lose the unwanted extra kilograms. Clenbuterol acts in a way that makes one metabolism change, the body/organism adapts, and weight is loss quickly. Clenbuterol is a selective B2 agonist, that influences B2 receptors mostly and B1 receptors in a smaller degree, meaning that the heart is not affected by using it. Also, because of this, the organism burns fats, using them as combustible, lose weight, but also allows the the body to gain muscular mass, by strengthening the muscles’ tissues and protecting the proteins within these tissues. Taking into account these features Clenbuterol has, bodybuilders started using it, especially before a contest or a show.

It was incredible for them to be able to lose weight but to gain muscle mass in the same time. But now it’s up to people. It’s their turn to be famous. Sure the bodybuilders still use this drug as it brings them satisfactions. But people are becoming more and more interested in using it, since they have seen their favorite stars using it with great effects, too. Clenbuterol is available on the internet in 20 or 40 mcg tablets, but there are other forms one can find it: injections, inhalers, granules, etc. The shipping takes place all over the world and lasts from 5-9 days, depending on whether the packages are delivered in Europe or across the seas.

One could order and pay for the product via internet, using MasterCard or Visa, the transactions are secure and encrypted (SSL), the shipment is fast, discrete and safe. A word of warning, as anyone should be aware of the side effects any drug can have; this one’s side effects could be dizziness, nausea, muscle cramps or headaches, but there were not reported severe side effects when using it. If it happens, one should take a break from using it, and retake it after a while when the organism got used to the changes of the metabolism. Nevertheless, if used correctly and under medical professional advice Clenbuterol is one’s dream to look fabulous in a short period of time, one chance to be a star among friends, colleagues or among any collectivity one makes his/her appearance in.