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Below is a summary of information for Levosalbutamol (Albuterol). Please take the time to read it so you have a brief understanding of the product.

Class of Drug: Beta-2 Agonist

Other Names: Albuterol, Ventolin


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Levosalbutamol (Albuterol) is a beta-2 agonist with potent fat loss and stimulant effects, structurally similar to Clenbuterol but with a shorter half-life, thus not only faster acting but also eliminated from the system more quickly in case of side effects.

In clinical trials, humans taking Levosalbutamol had increased lean muscle mass and also reduced body fat at a dosage of as little as 12mg per day, and without any physical training or special dieting.


Always shake the bottle well before use in case the product has come out of solution.


Store at room temperature.


8mg (0.5ml) 2-3 times per day.


Can be taken with or without food. No negative interactions with alcohol.

When to Take:

Divide your dosages evenly throughout the day. Your last dosage should be taken at least 4 hours prior to bed time to avoid sleep disruption from the stimulation effect

How to Take:

Directly in the mouth and washed down with any beverage (water, diet soda etc).

Occasional Side Effects

Hand tremors, increased sweating, trouble falling asleep, headache, muscle cramps.

As in the case of Albuterole, Levosalbutamol does not replace the diet, that is, any treatment for weight reduction should be installed on the basis of diet therapy treatment, increased physical activity and positive change in lifestyle. Not obtained the expected results, may be assessed the possibility of using these drugs without neglecting the above points.