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Ephedrine Weight Loss: Is it a Dangerous Method?

Body conscious people are always on the loose to try out slimming and dieting products guiding them on how to lose weight. Diet products flood the market and have been attracting quite a number of consumers. However, it is important that one makes a careful study about the contents of a certain drug or pill rather than take the product at once. Ephedrine weight loss has been a common trend because of the many new diet pills and products that have come in the market. A good number of slimming products now contain Ephedrine claiming its effectiveness.

Ephedrine is a form of sympathomimetic amine and is commonly used to suppress appetite, a decongestant, stimulant, concentration aid, and also used in treating hypotension linked with anaesthesia. The chemical component is derived from plants under the genus Ephedra. This component is also used as a muscle mass builder or energy booster. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration have caught the attention of several manufacturers of diet products to include a warning about the dangers of Ephedrine, especially when a high dose is used. The FDA warns the consumers about the products that contain Ephedrine. Consumers are advised not to go beyond the recommended dose, and product usage should not exceed to more than seven consecutive days.

Most diet supplements containing Ephedrine are claiming to provide weight loss without the need to exercise. This potent ingredient produces an effect on the heart as it increases its rate just like when an exercise is performed. At the same time, the appetite is suppressed. Some people find the products containing Ephedrine to be effective and keep them energized. However, the effects of Ephedrine are similar to the amphetamines that work on both the heart and the nervous system. Increased levels of adverse effects are associated with high doses and long-term use. Moreover, Ephedrine-containing products should not be taken with caffeine as this will make a potent combination of two stimulants.

Since the late nineteenth century, the ultimate desire of most women is to achieve a perfect figure. Today, they will still do anything just achieve that goal. Women look at Hollywood celebrities and models as epitomes of beauty and perfection and they want to be somewhat like them in terms of style and figure. The Ephedrine weight loss products have skyrocketed in the market along with their goals and dreams to obtain these. Ephedrine has been a controversial herb contained in today's food supplements and diet pills. Knowing that overdosing the said drug can be dangerous; this means that healthy diet and regular exercise are still the best way to permanent weight loss.

Ephedrine can be used in many ways for Fat Loss and appetite reduction but this the way that I have used Ephedrine for fat loss.

Ephedrine dosage

Week 1 Ephedrine 8mg + 200mg Caffeine twice a day
Week 2 Ephedrine 16mg + 200 mg Caffeine twice a day
Week 3 Ephedrine 24 mg + 200 mg Caffeine twice a day

Repeat week 3 dosage and use for 6-8 weeks. After 6-8 weeks take 4-6 weeks off Ephedrine.