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AndroGel 1.62

AndroGel 1.62 is a concentrated testosterone replacement gel which is used to treat adult males who have low testosterone levels. The testosterone in AndroGel is the same that is created naturally in the body. It is a prescription medication delivered through a pump which omits a clear, odorless gel. The recommended starting dose is two dollops of gel, which equals 40.5 milligrams of testosterone.

AndroGel 1.62 forms hormone enhancer

Hypogonadism is a serious ailment caused due to a deterioration in the functionality of the testes in the male. The reduced functionality leads to a sharp decrease in the production of the male hormone-testosterone. The ailment is usually caused due to genetic aberrations and external injuries. The resulting deficiency in testosterone due to this ailment can be effectively cured by hormone replacement technology. Andro gel is a hormone enhancer that makes use of the hormone replacement technology to enhance the levels of testosterone in the body. This article will let you know more about this product.

AndroGel 1.62 forms

The testosterone restoring cream known as Androgel comes in two forms, which are a 1 and 1.62 percent cream that raise the levels of testosterone within the the body. For U.S. consumers the Androgel cost when not covered under a medical insurance policy can stop some men from using the product. Androgel in both its forms must be prescribed for use by a doctor and the patient must follow the directions for use to get the required rise in testosterone levels.

Males with low testosterone levels are often prescribed AndroGel in either its 1 or 1.62 percent form to lift testosterone to its normal level; by applying daily the cream can raise testosterone to a normal rate in as little as three weeks. If a testosterone cream is not applied daily, or the user halts use the testosterone level could drop to the earlier low level. In major pharmacy store chains the cost of Androgel can reach around $260 for a three month supply; in comparison, a similar supply subsidized through medical insurance can lower the Androgel cost to around $20 per month. Throughout the year Abbott offers Androgel discount programs that can reduce the cost of uninsured supplies for a limited period of time.Testosterone is produced in the testicles and is responsible for the maintenance of the sexual organs. It is important that any person using Androgel washes the product from their body before coming into contact with a prepubescent child; if the product is not removed some young children have shown symptoms of early puberty. The level of testosterone in the human body can have a large effect on a number of factors, including the sex drive and the energy levels of a male. When affected by low testosterone levels males generally show symptoms such as a decreased sex drive and high levels of fatigue. Other symptoms of low testosterone levels include a loss of body hair, hot flashes and increased body fat. The first step in beginning a treatment such as Androgel is to consult a physician and have the testosterone levels tested. Once prescribed Androgel works best when applied to the skin around the shoulders, arms or abdomen in the mornings.

AndroGel 1.62 side effects

The most common side effects are mood swings, increased red blood cells and skin irritation. Others have also experienced weight gain and increased prostate-specific antigens, which cause your immune system to create antibodies that work against it. If you stop using AndroGel, it is likely that your testosterone levels will return to previous levels within two or three days.

AndroGel should not be used for people who have possible prostate or breast cancer. In addition this product is not meant for men with normal testosterone levels or women. Ask your doctor about using this product, especially if you take insulin, corticosteriods or medicines that decrease blood-clotting.

More on AndroGel 1.62 hormone enhancer

The AndroGel 1.62 hormone enhancer is specifically designed to treat acute cases of testosterone deficiencies as in the case of Hypogonadism. The product is mainly derived from soy based products and alcoholic derivatives. It also contains trace amounts of isopropyl myristate, Carbomer 980, ethanol, sodium hydroxide and water. The Andro gel lotion acts doesn’t replace the hormone producing gland; rather it simply boosts its production. Other conventional testosterone enhancing products are available in the form of nutrient supplements and pills. These are supposed to be consumed along with your daily diet. Andro gel is quite evidently, different from the conventional techniques and is strictly meant for external use.

Priming of AndroGel 1.62 pumps

Before the first use, make sure that you have primed the Andro gel pump. This is a relatively simple process. Press down the knob located at the top of the bottle and allow the lotion to flow out from the nozzle. You are not supposed to apply this gel on your body. So, discard it safely. After you have primed the product, you may follow the instructions for applying the same.

How to apply the gel

Press the knob in the downward direction and collect it on your palm. Apply it on your shoulders and your upper arm. Wait for the gel to dry. This may take several minutes. After the gel has completely dried out, wash your hand thoroughly in clean water. Put on a clothing to cover up the skin.

Showering is encouraged before application because the gel works best when applied to dry, clean skin. The gel needs to be applied every day at the same time to the shoulders and upper arms. Other areas like the abdomen or genitalia should be avoided.

After application wash your hands immediately with soap and water and cover the areas where the gel was applied with clothing. This ensures that the gel does not touch anyone else, which would affect them. If the gel touches someone else, they should wash their hands thoroughly. Make sure to avoid contact with water for two hours in activities like showering or swimming.

There are many benefits to using AndroGel over other testosterone products. It is much less painful than testosterone injections and it is easy to apply. According to the AndroGel website, 82% of men who used the product every day for 16 weeks had their testosterone levels raised from low to normal.