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Testosterone Enanthate (Cypriote)

Testosterone Enanthate is same like testosterone with an ester called Cypriote. In many places you can interchange both these products, but they are slightly different from each other by the length of ester. Testosterone Enanthate are basically used to grow up the muscles and to reduce the fats. This product is used by athletes and bodybuilders because they want to grow their muscles more rapidly than the natural growth of the muscles. More over they also need to remove the extra fats so Testosterone Enanthate helps to achieve both the goals.

As you know well that testosterone is not widely available in the market. The demand of Testosterone Enanthate is increased due to the black market of testosterone. You can get Testosterone Enanthate at a cheaper cost than testosterone. You can get a bottle of 10cc of about $50-75.The dosage available in the bottle is about 200-250 mg.

With all the benefits of Testosterone Enanthate that the product can grow your muscles and gives your body a new shape by reducing extra fats. You must also know before going to buy Testosterone Enanthate that the product has also some side effects, like hairball, scars, acne etc, but you can control these side effects if you use low quantity of Testosterone Enanthate.