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Advantages of AndroGel

Many men face troubles with low testosterone levels as they reach their forties. Testosterones play an important role in maintaining your prostate health and the development of other sexual organs. With adequate levels of testosterone in your body, you can ensure a good and healthy sex life. Now, if your testosterone levels are below the required limits, then it is important to make use of a testosterone supplement like AndroGel. You can buy AndroGel on it's official site.

With the regular use of AndroGel application, you can ensure that your testosterone levels are back to normal and in turn get back your youthfulness. In this article, we will find out the side effects of AndroGel application and find out how safe it is for regular use if you buy it.

Where can buy AndroGel online?

You can find AndroGel for sale on the official website of the manufacturer Laboratoires Besins International (France).

Androgel Price

The price of Androgel will average approximately $260 for a three month supply. If you have insurance, a three moth supply of Androgel will cost around $60. Throughout the year Abbott offers an Androgel Coupon.

AndroGel application methods

AndroGel is a testosterone supplement, prescribed to individuals who have a deficiency of testosterone hormone, or the level of the hormone is not up to the mark. Testosterone is a growth hormone, responsible for sexual desire and muscular growth in men. AndroGel is a clear and odorless testosterone gel, which helps to resolve all the issues related to the testosterone level.

AndroGel is available in two forms, pre-measured pouches, and AndroGel. Most of the prescribed AndroGel users prefer AndroGel over pre-measured pouches, as it is easy to get the recommended dosage with AndroGel. For instance, doctors may prescribe 3.75 grams of AndroGel application to the patients. The pre-measured packages come in 5 grams and above pouches, so it is difficult to get the recommended quantity while squeezing the gel from the packet. However, AndroGel can help to get the right dosage, as each AndroGel releases 1.25 grams of AndroGel, and in such a case, three pumps would be exact as prescribed.

How to use AndroGel

Never let others to come in contact with the skin where you have applied AndroGel, but if such accidents happen, wash off the recipient’s skin thoroughly with water and soap. It is better to take a small amount of testosterone gel from AndroGel, and test it on your skin, to check any sort of allergies with the gel.

In some cases, the applied area may be dried after using AndroGel for some time. The alcohol content in the AndroGel, which helps to dissolve the gel into the body, can have drying effects on sensitive skins. You can use body lotions on the skin where you apply AndroGel daily after it dries completely to counteract the problem.

Do not alter the dosage of AndroGel by your own if you do not feel any changes. Discontinue use of AndroGel if the situation gets worse. Consult your doctor before taking any testosterone supplement.

Side Effects of AndroGel

Take adequate steps before applying AndroGel. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before you begin AndroGel application. Always keep in mind that AndroGel application is intended only for males. A few precautions while using AndroGel application will ensure that your loved ones are free from its side effects.

With the regular use of AndroGel application, you can get the following side effects; headache or migraine, changes in sexual drive, increased hair growth or acne and breast swelling or tenderness etc. Other side effects of AndroGel application, which demands for immediate care include, low fever, swelling in the ankles, nausea, loss of appetite, stomach pain, difficulty in urinating, prolonged or frequent erections etc.

Second Hand Exposures

It is very important that you keep AndroGel away from children and women. You should make sure that the AndroGel is not exposed to others by skin-to-skin contacts. Earlier, reports of such exposure had come out, which led the FDA to issue directions to the manufacturers to give warning to the users. However, these warnings did not produce the intended effects with more such cases reported.

Generic Androgel

Currently there are no generic options for Androgel (testosterone cream). The patent on Androgel is set to expire on March 2021, but it appears that the manufacturer will permit Par Pharmaceutical to begin marketing a generic version sometime around February 2016. Please note that although  “testosterone gel” is the generic name for AndroGel, it is not a generic version of it. Kind of confusing, right?