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About Us

This is website that aims to inform the athletes about anabolic steroids, their effects, side-effects and legal issues. We publish tests of various anabolic steroid compounds by certified laboratories.

This informative website has been created by us and his colleagues with the belief that information will empower the athletes and other potential anabolic-steroid users in making decisions that can seriously affect their health and life in general. It is our opinion that the current approach to anabolic-androgenic steroids by medical professionals and lawmakers is not relevant and out of touch with the large public of steroid-users. We also think the problem of anabolic steroids is much wider and has its roots in the very nature of today's sport. We are of the opinion that these problems can only be solved by legalization of anabolic-androgenic steroids and by openly discussing all the aspects of steroid use and abuse.

Most articles on this website are written by us, we has 14 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry, treatment of diabetes and anabolic-androgenic steroids. We is located in Europe. The idea behind this website is not to offer advice that only a chemist or a physician will understand. We try to make the info as simple as possible to make it available to most athletes.

The only exception is a help with laboratory tests of anabolic steroids, although we strongly encourage our readers to try and find certified laboratories in their area.

Working with us

People often ask us if we have any vacancies. We have no employees as such but use an "object orientated" cooperation model. This enables people wishing to work with us to engage themselves in any of our units for a given time or project.

Partner Companies

All partners own their operations 100%. We provide the technical support, production, and hosting services in return for 50% of the gross revenue. This method works especially well overseas where rules about foreign ownership might otherwise complicate matters.

Economical regions are becoming more relevant than nation states. This is reflected in our expansion strategies. We're looking for partners in some of the more interesting regions to form a Global Expansion Team.

The economy is changing fast, but many new IT companies are still using the old business model of the 19th century. Big capital requirements, bloated infrastructure, outdated business plans, lack of management control, and greedy investors caused the recent dot.com crash.

Flexible firms adapt and grow organically funded by customer revenue. Fast, unhindered cooperation between such companies gets all the more critical as business becomes increasingly global and information technology grows ever more complex. They are more resistant to recessions and downward economic cycles.

Now is the time to forge new alliances, to discover new trends, and to recognise market-specific factors that may be rooted in culture, politics, or technology.

Countries that provide a free and open infrastucture for e-business to thrive will benefit the most. Most jobs today are with small and medium sized businesses who suffer most from excess regulation. Over-regulation must be avoided; there are many regions that compete for talent and opportunity with a better environment.


Our software development is mostly based in Britain. We work together with universities and colleges, offering young people a chance to get real business experience. Some of the software we use has been developed in Russia and the Ukraine.

Middle East

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates offers the best business environment in this region. Our office near the Dubai Internet City services our customer base in a rapidly growing economy. Human rights issues still need to be resolved.

South East Asia

A fascinating region. In Thailand we're currently working on a few Internet projects in Rayong, Chonburi, and Chiang Mai.

We're hoping to expand into beautiful Singapore, but currently none of our staff want to work in the socially restictive climate the government has created. However, we are optimistic that this will change soon. Again, we're looking to work with local partners.

The Americas

In North America we have a few regional Internet domains in Canada for which we need local partners.

A new exciting market will be Cuba as it opens more and more towards Europe. We're interested in working with government agencies and local communities to devlop new Internet projects.