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Buterol, the wonder weight loss drug.

Buterol has been known to burn fat and get your body into shape, but only known to some. Originally Buterol was used by Body-builders and athletes for burn off excess fat, and to get them in the fittest shape they can be for competitions and events.

Today Buterol is known by many more people, the main reason for this is stars and celebrities have revealed that they are using Buterol when they need to shed 10 pounds for a TV appearance or some awards show. The most notorious of all the stars is Britney Spears, who abuses both Buterol and T3 Cytomel and other drugs (please note that ABUSING Buterol is dangerous just like abusing any drug, we do not support or condone Britneys foolish actions, just making a note that she is partially responsible for letting the cat out of the bag regarding Buterol).

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There have been reports of the ladies in WWF using Clen and T3 to keep them as lean as possible, also numerous baseball stars have tested and been punished for Buterol use in sports (it is not allowed in any sports). In fact the list of celebs and stars who have used Clen is far too long to go into here on this blog.

Thanks to it’s growing popularity, and it’s easy availability on the internet, now everyone can use Buterol to lose weight and burn off fat fast.

Buterol tablets should be taken at a dose of 40-120mcg for a woman, and 80-160mcg for a man.

Buterol, works wonders… if your actually exercising

Buterol used to be just for those who knew what it did and how to use it, mainly athletes’ bodybuilders and weight lifters. Nowadays everyone wants to start using Buterol but most people have less than a clue about how to use it and what they should be doing when they are taking Buterol.

Buterol is prescribed by doctors in some countries to treat Asthma, but some smart cookies a while back in the bodybuilding scene discovered that if you took a bit more than the prescribed amount and hit the gym really hard, fat just burned away.

So why is it now that people think you can pop a couple of Buterol tablets and sit on the sofa and eat pizza while watching TV, and they think that the pounds will just melt off… if only it were so easy. We can blame the media for why a lot of people get the wrong idea about Buterol. The media writes things like “Britney Spears lost 22 pounds in 3 weeks using Buterol” and forget to leave out the fact that Britney ALSO hauled her ass to the gym and worked out hard with a personal trainer. But do not fear! Most people don’t have to have a personal trainer and most people don’t need to drop 22 pounds in 3 weeks for some multi million dollar concert.

Buterol when combined with other drugs combined with regular exercise will help you to lose weight.

How Much Exercise? What Kind of Exercise when taking Buterol?

Well it breaks down like this. We do not take Buterol for extended periods because the body needs to rest after taking Buterol for a while. So for the time we can take Buterol we should be taking advantage of it’s fat burning properties and workout every day, because if your taking Clen and not working out, then your wasting you time really. As for the question what exercise to do, the answer is simple, anything that makes you hot, sweaty and raises your heart rate.

What doesn’t count as exercise?

This might sound like a funny question, but we often get customer inquiries that go a bit like this

Customer “The Buterol is not working”
Store “Are you working out”
Customer “No…”
Store “You need to be working out”
Customer “I must walk at least 2 miles a day around my office and then i chase my kids around for hours after work, surely this is enough exercise right?”

The answer plain and simple… NO… chasing you children around the house and/or walking around at your workplace does not count as exercise… exercise is exercise… ride a bike, walk up a hill, run around in a park, kick a soccer ball, do some aerobics, kick boxing, lift weights, run on a machine… do something!! Buterol is not some magic pill that just makes fat disappear… Buterol is the key to helping you burn off the fat.

How long can you use Buterol?

Buterol when used in higher than normal doses, such as when using it for weight loss, will wear down you Beta 2 Receptors. What your Beta 2 receptors do for your body is a complex, but lets just say when Buterol (Clen) has worn them down, the Clen will not do anything for your body.

This is why Clebuterol is normally only used for three weeks, before you stop for three weeks, letting your B2 receptors recover their normal state. So what can you do to keep your Beta 2 Receptors in tip-top shape? Taking Ketotifen tablets will keep your B2 Receptors in top shape for up to 6-8 weeks of non-stop Buterol use. You start the Ketotifen about a week after you start the Buterol tablets. 1-3mg a day is the dose, depending on your body weight and height, Ketotifen tablets normally come in 1mg tablets. But it is important to note that after such a long cycle of Buterol, you should certainly take 4-5 weeks break from it after the cycle of Clen.

Ketotifen is an anti-histamine tablet, so it is best taken before bed because anything more than 1mg can make you very drowsy, some people have reported hunger pains while using Ketotifen, but many others say that if you take it before bed you are sleeping while these pains occur so you do not notice them at all. Other Buterol users have reported no hunger pains, but have said they still take Ketotifen before bed as Buterol can give them slight difficulty in getting to sleep (most likely these people were not taking their Buterol in the morning in once dose, they were trying to spread the dose of Clen out throughout the day, this is pointless as Buterol stays in your body for 24-36 hours after the dose is taken, so 1 dose of Clen in the morning is perfect).

Medicinal Uses of Buterol

While many people are just hearing about Buterol, this is a drug that has been around for quite some time. In most regions it is a prescription drug, though it can be used for many different purposes. Like most medications currently on the market, though Buterol was originally developed for one use, it has many medicinal uses.

Buterol is first and foremost a drug that is used to treat disorders and problems of the airway, such as asthma. A bronchodilator, Buterol helps in asthma to clear out any and all breathing passages allowing for normal or more normal breathing patterns to return.

Occasionally, Buterol is also used as a smooth muscle relaxant. Of course, as a bronchodilator the smooth muscle relaxant is effective with the breathing passages but also in other areas of the body. Dosages for Buterol range from 20 to 60 mcg per day, although what is prescribed may vary from individual to individual dependent upon the needs of the individual. Most doctors will never prescribe more than 160mcg per day.

Buterol is not only used in humans, it is also used in veterinary medicine. Buterol is specifically used in horses to treat allergic respiratory diseases that are common in many equine species. When used in horses, Buterol is usually used in liquid form and then injected into the horse to achieve the desired effect.

When you look up information on Buterol you will find that breathing and asthma related information comes up time and time again. This is because Buterol is a medication that affects the adrenoceptors, which in this drugs case are the beta 2 receptors. The bodily response is associated with the smooth muscles and when breathing problems are experienced this is a drug that can be used to clear airway obstruction much of the time.

As you can see, Buterol plays an important role in the medical field. While most of the relevant uses for Buterol are related to breathing, it has also been found to be an excellent tool in weight loss. The reason for this is that the drug speeds the metabolism and increases body temperature to create an inferno in the body that literally seems to melt the fat away. This is a medication that more and more people are using to aide in weight loss, some of whom report amazing results.

Why take Ketotifen? What does it do?

To understand how Ketotifen works, first you must understand how Buterol works.

When you take Buterol for extended periods at medium to high doses it wears down your Beta 2 Receptors, once these Beta 2 receptors are worn down the Buterol stops having any possitive effect on you so you might as well stop and let your body rest and start again when it will have an effect… how long is this… 3 weeks, not very long really…

If you start taking Ketotifen tablets a week after you start taking Buterol tablets, then your maximum cycle length can be 6-8 weeks. Ketotifen is an antihistamine used to prevent asthma attacks, it has a wonderful effect on the Beta 2 receptors and keeps them in great condition for longer while using Buterol tablets.

2mg a day is normally enough, some people start taking 3mg a day later on in their cycle in an attempt t further improve the Beta 2 receptors, it is not known if this really has any possitive effect. Most people take the Ketotifen in the evening before bed as it can make you quite drowsy.

Buterol dosages

How do you work out the right Buterol Dose?

If you have never used Buterol before then asking someone “What is the correct Buterol dose?” is almost the same as asking “How long is a peice of string?”… If you have never taken Buterol before then NOBODY knows the right Buterol dose for you, you must find your own perfect Buterol dose.

How to work out the right Buterol dose?

First you must start on a very small Buterol dose, and then take that for 3-4 days. Then you may increase your Buterol dose again. Once you reach the point where your Buterol dose makes your hands shake a little then stop increasing your dose. If the hand shakes subside within the next day or two at the same Buterol dose, then you have found your own magic “sweet spot”, the perfect dose of Buterol for you.

In the future you will know your own dose and may plan your Buterol cycles knowing exactly how much to take and how many Buterol tablets will be required to do your cycle.

What is the correct dose for Buterol?

Many people are asking, what is the correct dose for Buterol, when using it to lose weight.

Men and Woman take different doses of Buterol Tablets.

Woman can take 80-120mcg of Buterol each day, (though many say 80mcg of Clen is fine)

Men can take from 80-160mcg of Buterol tablets each day, though most fine that 80mcg is fine.

Make sure you know the strength of your Buterol tablets, Buterol comes in 20mcg and 40mcg, so don’t get confused.

Buterol cycle

We often get emails from confused customers asking us, What is a Buterol Cycle?

Do not be confused and think that this makes some reference to riding a bicycle while taking Buterol, Buterol cycle means to take Buterol for a period of time and then stop that “cycle” and then later start another Buterol cycle.

Ok, so now you understand that Cycle just means to start and stop, so how long does one cycle Buterol for? Buterol can be cycled for only 3 weeks, unless you are taking Ketotifen with it, if you cycle Buterol while taking Ketotifen in the evenings, you can do a Buterol cycle for up to 6 weeks.

As with most drugs that you can cycle, Buterol cycles need to be started and stopped in a particular way. You start on small dose and then as you move along your Buterol cycle you increase the dose slowly. Then at the end of your Buterol cycle, you need to reduce the dose slowly so that you finish the cycle on a low dose of Buterol.

If you would like to prolong your Buterol cycles with the Ketotifen you will need to start taking the Ketotifen about a week after you start taking the Buterol. You’ll need to take one to three milligrams of the Ketotifen a day depending on your weight. You should know that Ketotifen makes most people very sleepy, so it is advisable to take this medication before bed. Ketotifen also makes many people hungry, but if you take it at night this shouldn’t be an issue as you’ll be asleep and less likely to notice the hunger if you get this side effect associated with the drug.

Veterinary Use

This compound is used in some parts of the world as a treatment for horses suffering from allergic respiratory disease because it is a bronchodilator. It can be used both intravenously and orally. It is also used in cattle such as cow to relax the uterus at the time of parturition.