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Steroid alternatives

Using a transdermal product is a particularly advantageous way of administering this hormone, as this method of delivery bypasses the first pass by the liver that can deactivate greater than 90% of the ingested hormone. Transdermal deliver allows for near total absorption of the compound into the blood stream. Impact additionally uses DIM (diindolylmethane) in this product, and anti-estrogenic substance that works by enhancing the metabolic breakdown of estrogens. Though it may seem unneeded, it was added as a protective measure to combat the actions of any minimal estrogen buildup that could possibly result.

19-nor 4-androstenediol

Like 4-androstenediol, this prohormone utilizes a more active enzyme in its biotransformation to the steroid nandrolone. It is therefore slightly more potent in comparison to 19-norandrostenedione, however both of these two nandrolone precursors are considered solidly effective anabolics. Only those extremely sensitive to estrogen or using unusually high amounts will likely ever notice a difference in estrogen conversion rates, although technically this prohormone would be more suitable in this regard as it avoids any possible direct path of conversion (the same trait noted with 4-androstenediol). Otherwise these two precursors are really interchangeable. Combining these two prohormones actually seems to be the most advantageous method of taking nandrolone precursors, as this utilizes two distinct paths of metabolism for the optimal buildup of active steroid in the blood stream.

19-nor 5-androstenediol:

This prohormone is a 19-nor form of 5-androstenediol. While we don't have much to report about 5-androstenediol, there is even less to report about this compound. Its conversion rate to nandrolone is low, and there likewise seems to be little in terms of positive feedback. It seems to be more the product of a clear manufacturing opportunity than of research and successful application. Some may find a use for this compound, but it is clearly not the efficient nandrolone precursor we see in 19-nor 4-androstenediol.