ClenbuterolImage of Clenbuterol bottles is a thermogenic agent, meaning it helps burn body fat through the process thermogenesis. Its mechanism of action is actually very similar to ephedrine, another thermogenic agent long existing in the market.

Clenbuterol may be available in other countries to treat recurrent breathing disorders like asthma. In the United States, however, the Food and Drugs Association, still has not seen the need to approve this drug as a treatment for chronic respiratory disorders.

One reason probably might be due to its prolonged half life. Since Clenbuterol stays in the body for more than one day, its negative effects are experienced longer by the user.

This is actually good news for those taking the drug as this means you only need to take it once a day.

The only approved drug so far, which contains Clenbuterol, is Ventulpin syrup given to horses with chronic respiratory ailments.

Attractive Clenbuterol properties

Men generally use clenbuterol during contest prep to shed bodyfat and stay lean, or during times of cutting (fat loss). In all fairness, clenbuterol combined with T3 (cytomel) can easily increase your metabolic rate by as much as 10-11%. Statistically, Women who are into weightlifting or bodybuilding are more likely to use Clenbuterol than men due to its effective fat burning property without any side effects on femininity. Clenbuterol is even commonly referred to as the "size 0 pill".

Clenbuterol and Anabolism

The ability of Clenbuterol to help you lose body fat is no joke. However, the claim of the anabolic property of Clenbuterol might have started during the time when animals were given the compound to produce leaner muscles and lesser fat content. It must be noted, however, that such effect on the animals might be due to their numerous beta-3 receptors, which regulate insulin secretion. Insulin is known to have an effect in producing muscle growth; thus, this was interpreted as the cause for the anabolic effect of clenbuterol use.

While there is multiple cited cases of anecdotal evidence of the anabolic properties of clenbuterol, they must be taken on a case by case basis because of the prevalence of combining clenbuterol with anabolic steroid cycles.

Effective stacking and dosage of Clenbuterol

A Clenbuterol cycle usually lasts for two to three weeks. Typically a cycle is started at 40 mcg per day for a period of three to four days. On the fourth or fifth day, dosage is increased by an additional of 20 mcg per day. This also lasts for three to four days. The gradual increase in dosage continues until you reach 120 mcg per day. In men, the dosage can be continued until it reaches 140 mcg per day. After reaching the dosage threshold, Clenbuterol should be gradually decreased, subtracting 20 mcg every three to four days.

If your aim is to produce harder and leaner muscles instead of losing fat, it would be best to stack Clenbuterol with anabolic non-aromatizing agents like trenbolone and stanozolol.

Clenbuterol Facts

Systematic name
Chemical FormulaC12H18Cl2N2O
Molecular mass277.19
BioavailabilityUp to 98% orally
Half life~ 36 hours

Clenbuterol Double Effect

Clenbuterol is mostly used by people who want to loose weight, even though it is/was said that it was a “horse asthma treating pill”. It is indeed a broncho-dilator and it was/still is used by people all over the world, under medical prescription, for clearing and opening the respiratory ways. That is because it belongs to B2 agonist category used against or for treating Bronchitis Asthma. Because it is a selective agonist Clenbuterol influences B2 receptors mainly and it doesn’t have significant influences on B1 receptors (they are related with cardiac rates); to put it in another words, unlike other non-selective agonists, Clenbuterol does not affect the heart, because its main action is to dilate the respiratory ways without significant cardiovascular side effects.

Clenbuterol is very fashionable with sportspeople, because of its anabolic characteristics; besides its main function as a B2 agonist, it is also well known nowadays for the termogenic effect it creates, stimulating, accelerating and burning the fats within the organism. This effect actually means heating the body by the increased blood flow within it, so that the temperature increases and fats are getting burned. This is the reason why it actually became so famous today. When referring to bodybuilders, this efficiency made the product very very attractive to them, almost compulsory I might say, because of what it can do before a show/competition.

They all seek the double effect Clenbuterol provides: loosing fats and weight together with increasing the muscle mass.

And since we are at this point we can also mention the disputes between people in general and athletes particularly about the anabolic features of Clenbuterol, a dispute that started in 1995 when the results of some experiments on animals were revealed; still, the results are difficult to interpret and apply or theoretically and hypothetically transform on/for humans as there were used much higher doses on animals that could ever be used on humans. So, this dispute-debate still takes place today, opinions expressed being very different.

But, again, opinions cannot beat facts, and the fact is that no severe cases were ever reported concerning the use of Clenbuterol and its side effects. No matter what they say, Clenbuterol will continue to be used as a tool by ordinary people and sportspeople in order to achieve their own goals.

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ClenImage of Clenbuterol pack is a drug used for asthma patients. It acts like a bronchodilator and was associated by some people with adrenaline. The drug has certain effects to the level of the nervous system. Some side effects may appear when a person uses Clen and some of them can offer high discomfort.

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Even so, generally, people are happy with the effects of the drug and they recommend it to others. They also give advice to those who want to use Clen because some bodies adjust harder to the dosages. At first, you must use little of the drug, because it is a powerful drug and you can feel dizzy or even have some headaches. These are normal side effects and you should not be alarmed. The drug increases the temperature and the fats are burned easier and quicker. If you used for a while you will see that at some point your temperature will reduce to normal and this means that the drug is not working any more. At this stage, you need to stop using it for a while, at least two weeks for your body to adjust and you can start again. If you do not know all the right dosages to use when you buy Clenbuterol you should ask someone who knows more about the drug than you do. Generally, all the selling sites have the information you need regarding dosages, side effects, when to stop using it and what should be the desired results.