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Injectable Steroids – Effective and Sustainable

Performance enhancing drugs, or PEDs for short, come in a variety of different forms. Of all the PEDs, anabolic androgenic steroids, or steroids for short, tend to produce the bests results of all PEDs. Like all PEDs, there are variety of ways to take steroids and even more forms of steroids. Injectable steroids are particularly unique when compared to its similar counterparts, like oral tablets. Injectable steroids are by far the most commonly used form of steroids and also tend to produce the best results, during and after a cycle.


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The main reason for why injectable steroids are superior to their counterparts is that they are the most stable form. Stability is an important concept when taking any PED. In short, stability means you’ll be able to put your body through more, increasing its tolerance. This in turn means bigger and better gains, which of course means better results. Injectable steroids are also unique due to the fact that they have far less side-effects. There are many different kinds of anabolic androgenic steroids on the market. Some are available only as injectable, while others only as oral and yet some as both. Though, one type of steroid may be offered as both oral and injectable, there are stark differences. Regardless, users will find that they will prefer one type of steroid over another. By in large, however, Primobolan and Winstrol are the two most common types of steroids taken. Both are testosterone based and will produce quality results at a very reasonable price.

Winstrol is a unique form of testosterone due to the fact that it is available as both an injectable and oral form. By in large the results produced by the oral form of Winstrol tend to be on par with the injectable form. Primobolan on the other hand is vastly different than Winstrol. Finding it in oral form does exist, but it is extremely rare to find and for good reason. In short, the oral form of Primobolan are nothing more than negligible. Consequently, it is advised to use the injectable form of Primobolan. It should be noted that there are several other forms of testosterone. Most of these forms are available in pill form. However, as a word of caution, the pill form of testosterone tends to be very inefficient in the absorption of the hormone and produces bad post cycle results.

Post Cycle

Naturally, the whole point of any PED is to maintain the results that you worked so hard to get on any given cycle. If the gains were to disappear shortly after a cycle, there would be no point in using a PED. The truth is with all PEDs, including anabolic androgenic steroids, some of the gains are going to diminish after a cycle is completed. However, the question is how to properly minimize this effect. The main reason for the drop is due to hormone levels decreasing. As a result it is very difficult for the body to maintain itself. A way to prevent this is by creating a new hormonal equilibrium for the body. Doing this takes time and a lot of hard work, but if you are successful in creating a new equilibrium for your body, the benefits will be tremendous. With that said, it should be noted that injectable steroids make it easier to maintain gains over other forms, like oral tablets. The foundation of the cycle is what is going to determine how easy it is to maintain. That is not to say that maintaing results built on a cycle of oral steroids is not possible. It is only going to be more difficult to maintain. Similarly, if you were to take an only oral cycle it would be almost impossible to maintain at the end of the cycle without any injectable steroids. Conversely, a cycle that has injectable steroids as its foundation, will not require oral tablets or other forms or steroids to maintain.

Side Effects

Side effects vary from person to person and hormone to hormone. Generally speaking it is impossible to predicate the probability that something specific is going to happen to you as there are several factors, dosage being one of them. With that said, toxicity is one of the major side effects of steroids and can have severe effects on the liver. By in large, the pill form of steroids are without a doubt the most toxic. The reason for this is, is due to the chemical make up of the pill form and how the body processes it. The good news is that all injectable steroids, expect Winstrol, are hardly toxic. This means that the body goes through less stress and subsequently produces better results.

A Final Note

Ultimately, it’s important to have several different options when going into a cycle. There are benefits and risks associated with all forms of PEDs, steroids, be it oral or injectable are no different. But, it is the benefits of one over the other that should take precedence. The fact is injectable steroids alone provide a solid foundation that allows for continuous and sustainable progression. Being uncertain of the something knew and fearing the unknown is perfectly normal. But, the truth is that injectable steroids and its counterparts do not have inherent calamities that are waiting to happen. Understanding what you are doing and knowing how to properly do it will provide the right results. After doing it, the results will be there and fear will be left at the front door.