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Deca Durabolin - Nandrolone Decanoate or so called "DECA" in bodybuilding world. Deca steroids are steroids that are also but they work much more dramatically than other anabolic steroids. For this reason, athletes who are looking to increase their build and body mass quickly might find that they get more effective results using Deca steroids. However, this result does not last for very long if Deca steroids are used too often and a tolerance can be built up to it quite quickly. For this reason, many people find that starting with a Deca steroid and then moving to another type of anabolic steroid is most effective in their body-building mission.

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Deca resembles structurally to testosterone but there is only a difference of carbon at nineteenth position which makes it a bit docile as compared to natural testosterone.

Deca is very popular all over the world and it is considered as the best injectable steroid throughout the world. The main reason for its popularity is that it exhibits anabolic effects but there is a little bit side effect of androgenic effect in it. The Deca is injected only one for a week and the injected dosage is about 200-400 mg. This is a very nominal quantity and the androgenic effect is almost negligible. A high dosage can increase the effect of androgenic but still the product is very effective.

Buy Deca Duraboline

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Deca is very useful product if you want to gain smooth and healthy lean muscles. A very shaped and ripped physique can be obtained with this product. The aromatization activity is very low with Deca. If you buy deca this will be a very safe choice for the best growth of your muscles. If you want to buy Deca you must know that this product is long acting injectable. Try to get deca prom the reliable sources.

Deca for Beginners

Given that deca is legal to obtain and use in your region, it is the perfect anabolic steroid for beginners. It is injectable, it is similar to testosterone in its molecular structure, it is great to gain strength and muscle mass, and has low toxicity and limited side effects. What more could a beginner want?

Test and deca

In a bulking cycle for beginners, testosterone has to be the base. For men, 250mgs per week along with 200 mgs of deca will be ideal for your bulking cycle. Some trainers suggest test dosages of about 500mgs per week, but we believe it to be a little excessive for beginners. It is better to start small and increase dosages as required once you have gained some muscle mass.

We would like to clarify that these are average amount of dosages usually recommended by trainers and bodybuilders, and your ideal dosage depends on your weight, height, and BMI. You should consult with a medical professional and a trainer, and in no way should you start a bulking cycle as a beginner without guidance and supervision.

During the bulking cycle, you have to put extra effort into your workout sessions and have to concentrate hard on high protein diets. You will also need to get a healthy amount of rest everyday (on average eight hours of sleep). Your routine, diet, and dosage depend on your goals and current shape.

If done correctly, your first bulking cycle should provide with approximately 15 lbs increase in muscle mass, and you should gain increased strength, size, energy, sex drive, and an overall elevation in mood. Deca can cause water retention, while it gives the user a smooth and watery appearance, it also makes workout sessions pain free due to water retention at the joints. You will be able to lift more, and will be able to do more reps with limited soreness the next day.

Deca as a standalone steroid

Some trainers suggest a deca beginners cycle where you inject anywhere between 200mg to 400 mg per week into your joints. This cycle goes on for eight weeks and requires a high protein diet. Although you would meet people that have had success with this cycle, most experienced trainers would advise against using deca as a standalone steroid.

Dbol and Deca

Another common bulking cycle for beginners includes Dbol and deca. The dosage of deca remains the same (200-400mg per week) and Dbol is to be consumed in a dosage of 15-25mgs per day. This cycle is also 8 weeks long. If you have Dbol in 5mg pills, it is better to consume one per after every three hours instead of consuming all three pills at once.

Deca is an ideal anabolic steroid for beginners, and can provide you quick results. It does aromatize in higher concentrations and therefore we strongly advise against higher dosages at the beginning stages. Let you body get accustomed to the substance before increasing dosages. If you are looking to start a bulking cycle and are a beginner, discuss deca with your trainer today.

Deca Durabolin  - Manufactureres

You can find Deca Durabolin made by many labs. SteroidsASAP.com offers you the most popular pharmaceutical brands of Deca Durabolin for sale. Organon - Pakistan, Holland, British Dragon, Genesis, Alpha Pharma, Norma - Hellas.

Bulking, Leaning Cycle?

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Deca Durabolin is used as in bulking cycles as in leaning mass cycles. One of the most effective, simple bulking cycle is stack of Deca with Sustanon or Testosterone Enanthate, Cypionate and Dianabol (Dianabol works as KICK start of this cycle because Deca Durabolin starting to work after few weeks - it's also individual).

Common Recommended dosage is 400-600mg a week for duration of 13-16 weeks.

You should be aware also of side effects of Deca Durabolin which can appear, we recommend Deca only to experienced bodybuilders.