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Dianabol, also known as methandrostenolone, takes a special place in the history of the sport in general and bodybuilding in particular. In 1956, the drug became commercially available under the brand name "Dianabol Blue Hearts". That year became a landmark in the history of doping in sport.

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To date, there is no single opinion on whether the Dianabol Blue Hearts was deeloped by John Ziegler (John Bosley Ziegler) or by unknown scientists from the CIBA laboratories (USA). However, there is no doubt that it was John Ziegler who "promoted" this drug in a professional sport.

Dianabol Blue Hearts was originally used by power-based sportmen because of its unique ability to quickly build muscle mass and gain strength. After while, it began to be used in other sports. For bodybuilding this drug has quickly become the number one and maintained the primacy until the late 70's. List of his fans is huge and includes all the winners of the "Mister Olympia" from Larry Scott, and ending with Frank Zane.

However, with the development of the doping control Dianabol Blue Hearts was banned in most sports. Today it is used only in those sports where the usage of anabolic steroids is not prohibited.


Speaking about the pros and cons of Dianabol Blue Hearts, it should be noted that this anabolic steroid does not stimulate well the androgen receptors due to the peculiarities of its structure. Nevertheless, this drug is able to stimulate protein synthesis.

Dianabol Blue Hearts significantly improves recovery of glycogen stores depleted during exercise. In addition, the drug reduces the activity of cortisol. Thus it avoids the breakdown of muscle fibers in the post-training period.

Contrary to popular belief, Dianabol Blue Hearts is poorly aromatized as well as boldenone. It is because their molecules are structurally very similar. However, under the influence of aromatase Dianabol Blue Hearts turns not just to estradiol, but in a much more powerful 17-methyl-estradiol. Therefore, yet most of the muscle mass gained with Dianabol Blue Hearts contains water, which tends to leave the body after discontinuation of usage. However, at moderate doses of Dianabol Blue Hearts (25-30 mg per day), significant water retention can be avoided.

Dianabol Blue Hearts has the unique ability to increase dopamine levels in the body that helps burn fat.

Side effects

Because Dianabol is 17-alpha alkylated, it can have negative effects on the liver. Frankly, such a negative impact is revealed only at doses above 40 mg per day. After the end of the cycle of drug adverse changes in the liver are disappeared. Nevertheless, the usage of Dianabol should be limited to a period of 6-8 weeks with the same interval for break.

Despite the fact that Dianabol turns into a 17-methyl-estradiol, it suppresses the production of natural testosterone. However, this property is still less than the example of nandrolone.

Dianabol promotes the retention of water in the body, gynecomastia and acne. However, these side effects occur in the case of prolonged treatment (6-8 weeks) and only with high dosage (40-100 mg per day).


You can use 100 mg Dianabol only if the cycle consists of this steroid only. However, much better results are with lower doses (25-50 mg per day) in combination with other drugs. Because half-life of the drug is 3.5 - 4.5 hours, the dose should be divided into 5-6 equal parts and taken over the same intervals throughout the day.

Combination with other steroids

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Dianabol is best combined with drugs that stabilize androgen receptors well. Such preparations are testosterone (Aquatest), trenbolone, Nandrolone, methenolone (Primobol) and Oxandrolon. However, you should avoid combination of Dianabol together with oxymetholone due to heavy load on the liver.


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